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Thank you for your interest in my art! It gives me warm fuzzies when I've connected with someone on a piece - no matter what piece it is.

Online Orders

Photographic Prints:
All photos are available to order online through my Zenfolio page which allows you to select the size and media that the photo is printed on so it works the best for your space and have it delivered straight to you. Options include Fine Art Paper, Canvas and metal. You also have the option to select several of your favorites to add to a book. 

Small Handmade Items

I offer select photos on smaller handmade items such as coasters, necklaces, magnets and tiny coffin boxes through my Etsy Store. The photos on these items are often different than what is available for fine art prints.  



Found Metal Sculptures and mixed media pieces are available through my Etsy Store



I try to get out and do artist markets and shows as often as I can! They are most frequently in Austin and the surrounding area, but I am starting to branch out into other states now! The best way to keep up with my current shows it on my facebook page  because I will post about them as I am booked for them, and send out reminders as well.






I *love* doing commissions! I have access to a laser cutter, so I can cut any wood shapes that you desire (within reason). In many cases I can also recreate an existing piece with a different color scheme - or just recreate one that has already been sold. Contact me with what you'd like and we can get started!


For metal pieces I will also take commissions, however since I gather the material from a scrap yard I cannot guarantee what is going to be available. The best option is for you to give me an idea of what you'd like and I can hunt for the pieces that will work.

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