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Take a look at the world through my eyes.
Urban Exploration


I spend a good portion of my free time traipsing about abandoned buildings. I enjoy how each place tells its own story and holds forgotten treasures. It's as though one day everyone just left, leaving  random ephemera scattered about.  The items left behind are often a mystery, a puzzle I want to share.



Take a journey through my hidden playground.

Light Painting


Light painting is a fun and somewhat tricky technique in which a photo is taken at night with a long exposure (usually at least 30 seconds up to several minutes). The bright colors in the photograph are from me running around with a colored gel over my flash, and possibly some flashlights, to add color to the scene. 



Come play in the night



​​I don't spend all my time in derelict places. Sometimes I actually see the sun, and I take pictures in it!


Come play with Mother Nature.

Nature Revised

I often feel as though there is a world that exists more than only that which we see. Where the colors are brighter and it's easy to envision as a home to fairies and other creatures of fantasy.


Come shift your reality

Visiting the Dead

I have a soft spot for graveyards of all sizes, especially ornate statuary and mausoleums. I enjoy stopping at them as I drive through towns.


Come visit the dead

Fashion Photography

Beauty can be found in all places. I especially like it amongst the decay of abandoned places.


Come see the pretty people


Cars, trucks, trains, buses, you name it, if it has wheels it gets left behind to rust! 


Come see expired vehicles

Dead Things

When going through enclosed spaces it's pretty common to come upon small animals that have become trapped and died. They serve as a reminder to appreciate life. 


Come see beauty in death

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