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About Me

I come from a family of artists and scientists, which I suppose is a somewhat odd combination, but I think it's a good one. I feel like it's given me a unique perspective on the things around me. I've learned to see what is there and to turn it into something else by changing the order of things, or the way it is seen.


I've always done some sort of art my entire life. I've never really stuck to one thing because I enjoy trying different techniques and mediums. I can't say I get my inspiration from any particular artist, but instead observe everything around me and try to incorporate it somehow into my works.


Regardless of the medium, I try to tell some sort of tale, whether it's a still scene made with pieces of wood, an industrial piece comprised of scrap metal, traditional art or photography. I want the stories they tell to be fascinating without using a single word.


I spend my free time traipsing about abandoned buildings, playing with power tools, painting, reading and writing. In addition to giving lots of cuddles to my 4 cats (Tweek, Kaeira, Gizmo & Gadget), my 2 dogs (Kaiser and Gryffon), and my awesome husband.


Yes, this really is my hair. It changes color very frequently, but the rainbow is still the best!

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